Parrett & Axe Craft Lodge 814-  Established in 1860

2018 Parrett & Axe Lodge 814
Craft Events

Crewkerne Masonic Hall

January 2018

2nd - LoI
9th Rehearsal
16th Regular Meeting (Initiation)

February 2018

6th Away Fraternal
7th LoI
13th Rehearsal

March 2018

6th: LoI
13th: Rehearsal
20th Regular Meeting (2nd Deg)

April 2018

3rd: LoI
Thur 5th: Provincial AGM
10th: Rehearsal
12th: Visit to Portcullis 2038 Langport
16th: GP Committee@7pm
17th: Regular Meeting  (2nd Deg)

May 2018

Summer Recess
1st: Visit to Prog Scnce 5007 Yeovil
2nd: Pathway Workshop Yeovil
3rd: Visit to Benevolant 466 Wells

June 2018

Summer Recess

July 2018

Summer Recess

August 2018

Summer Recess

September 2018

Summer Recess
26th: Frat Visit to Lodge of Alliance 5811, Knowle. INSTALLATION of a P&A814 member

October 2018

2nd: L o I
9th: Rehearsal
16th: Regular Meeting (3rd Deg)

November 2018

6th: L o I
13th: Rehearsal
15th: Visit to Emergency Services Taunton

20th: Regular Meeting (3rd Deg)

December 2018

4th: L o I
11th: Rehearsal
18th: Regular Meeting (White table?)



Crewkerne Freemasons

Royal Arch

Rose Quoix

Knights Templar

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