Our Charitable Efforts

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Freemasonry is one of the biggest charitable organisations in the world!

Crewkerne Freemasons, since it's origin in 1860, have given hundreds of thousands of pounds to many needy places and individuals.
Where there is a genuine need, we are there and ready to help. Indeed giving a charitable helping hand to a needy and good cause is one of the primary aims and goals of Freemasonry in general and Crewkerne Freemasons in particular. Although our main concerns are for Crewkerne and environs, some of our monies go to Somerset Provincial Charity account to be used within Somerset County. Some of our mony also goes to the United Grand Lodge of England to be help for national or international disaster relief.

We have given monies to local hospices, schools, cancer charities, Somerset farmers during the floods a few years ago.

Some examples of our contributions locally:
2016 £3000 was given to the Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance. We bought an elactric recliner chair for a severely disabled person, and more...
2017 £355 given to local school to provide dictionary and thesaurus books. We also gave serel thousan to our Somerset Province to be dispersed in case of local desasters, like the flooding a couple of years ago much of our mony the went to Somerset residents and farmers to aid their instant and severe needs.
2018 This year we giving another £1500 to the Dorset & Somerset air-ambulance, we have other charitable help to be given in the pipe-line.

... And so the work goes on... quietly and in the background... We never ask for monies outside Freemasonry but are always ready to support the needs external to our fraternity as well as internally.

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