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A very warm welcome to the Crewkerne Freemasons website

Crewkerne Freemasons - Who we are

We are the Parrett & Axe Lodge 814

If you are not a Freemason but would like to learn about Freemasonry or find out how to join, then this is the place for you.

The Crewkerne Freemasons' Hall is located in South Street, Crewkerne, Somerset.
We started the local branch one of the world’s oldest friendship society in 1860 and still going today!

We are just ordinary blokes like you. We are not a bunch of mysterious chaps endowed with special powers.

We are a ‘Band of Brothers’! Freemasons come from all walks of life; teachers, medical practitioners, shop workers, postmen, bankers, kings, truck drivers, farmers, bricklayers, surgeons, budgie breeders, firemen. Rank or station is of no consequence – we are all brothers to each other. We value each other, not for what they are but for who they are.

We have members drawn from local towns and villages in the area but some members live in London or even in darkest deepest Dorset and Devon. We have one member from New Zealand and another who lives in France.

What is Freemasonry?

It really is a very long established society of men who value friendship, truth and honour.

Masonry being a world-wide organisation, visiting other Masonic Lodges is very much encouraged. Be it in the next town or on the other side of the world, a Mason from another Lodge is always made most welcome.

Freemasonry is a charitable organisation. Through our head office in London, the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) and through Somerset Provincial Grand Lodge, we contribute funds to places like hospices, air ambulances, lifeboats and many other needy organisations. In emergencies like the flooding in Somerset our local provincial office contributed to the aid of needy folk. We gave aid to the folk of Nepal after the devastating earthquake. ...And many more that you will not have heard of...

Freemasonry means different things to each of those who join. For some, it’s about making new friends and acquaintances. For others it’s about being able to help deserving causes – making a contribution to family and society. But for most, it is a very enjoyable social activity.

Getting more information on Freemasonry

If you are interested in finding out about Freemasonry in general or the Crewkerne Freemasons or thinking of becoming a Freemason, we would love to meet you. We can arrange for a very informal chat with one or two of our members. You will be able to ask questions and assess for yourself if you wish to join us. Absolutely no pressure; you have to ask to join, we will never be ask you.

There are links to Masonic information on the ‘Links’ page where you will be able to read, in-depth, what is in a synopsis here.

However, be careful if you try to research Freemasonry on Internet. There are so many misconceptions, written by folk who are not masons and spread deliberately or by innocent ignorance much misinformation. That is why it is always best to get your questions answered by meeting genuine Masons who will be more than willing to give you the low down and share some quality time with you.

To be a Freemason, you must have a belief in a Supreme Being. However, Freemasonry is not a religion, nor is it a substitute for religion. In fact, Freemasonry does not allow religion to be discussed at its meetings. Freemasonry does not discriminate on grounds of race, colour, religion, political views or social standing.

An applicant must be 21 years or over. There are certain rare exceptions to the age rule where it could be lowered.

How to become a Freemason - The next step.

There are certain steps in becoming a Freemason:
    * You must make enquiries and having a discussion with the senior members of the Lodge to ensure that you are happy with what is involved and vice versa.
    * After due consideration, if you wish to pursue membership, your request will be put before the Lodge members for a vote.
     * Once the ballot is taken and found to be favourable, you will be informed and a date will be arranged for  to join Freemasonry.

So, how do you get the ball rolling?

Easy! Just click the 'Contact' tab on the above menu. Enter your details and we will make contact with you to arrange a meeting at a convenient time. Alternatively, you can click on the link below, and send an email to the secretary who will contact you.

Email: secretary@crewkerne-freemasons.org

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